i like to make things with my hands.

second to being a mom, creation is my true love in life.  in all forms and materials.  i enjoy learning new techniques and methods of working in a diverse range of materials as well as committing to the discipline necessary to deeply study one medium at a time.  

:: earthenware :: 

though photography was and will always be my first love, ceramic work has continually been my saving grace.    the foundation of my early work in ceramics was based in wheel thrown vessels.  i had the good fortune to study under two great master teachers, David Kuraoka (SFSU) and Tony Marsh (CSULB).  functionality has been key and exploration of shapes and forms within the realm of utilitarianism while experimenting with different surface techniques, glazes and methods has consistently been the main focus of my work throughout the past 20+ years.  though i continue to work on the wheel, my more recent collection explores slab work as an extension of my experience in creating and designing with fabric.  i also experiment with pressing textures into the surfaces of my vessels, creating designs with carved linoleum, stamp materials and found objects.  i like the contrast between the smooth pure clay and an underglazed textural design.  i also appreciate the organic quality of the state of fired, unglazed clay and the contrast between a glazed functional inner surface and a raw outer surface.  i try to minimally glaze the outer regions of functional vessels, using light touches of glaze to enhance textural designs.  i work primarily in porcelain and a dark stonewear which fires black. i enjoy creating pieces that call for a tactile response in the viewer. 


my grandmother was and continues to be, in spirit, the inspiration for my handwork.  she created large detailed quilts through hand piecing, hand quilting and a lot of patience. though i have been sewing and knitting since i was a teenager, the drive to focus energy towards creating hand-stitched goods began after the birth of my daughter.  the goods which i made were born for function, for our family, however close friends encouraged me to expand into marketing some of my goods.  though i have experimented with many different designs, and my collection is ever expanding and contracting, there are a few simple, functional, tried and true pieces which i offer.  i stitch and knit for daily use.  to organize, to warm, to contain, to inspire. the pieces i offer promote and support a lifestyle of art making, play and adventuring in nature.  all goods are made with natural materials, my favorites being wool, cotton, linen and love. 

 :: photography ::

through capturing light and how it falls on a subject, the poetry of life can be seen without words. the ability to see the fleeting moments of life in such detail, allows room for heartfelt reflection and a deeper understanding of those things which make life worth living. my photographs tend to show the details of life. the moments in-between.  leaving space for the viewer to create their own story with what they bring to the experience.   my work shows the subtleties, nuances.  they are a springboard for curiosity.  my photographs are primarily silver gelatin prints from 35mm and 120mm black and white film crafted by hand in my magical darkroom. since 2002 i continue to have the pleasure of working as a photography and visual arts teacher at Tamalpais High School in Mill Valley, CA.  my students are everyday inspirations for which i am so grateful.